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June 13 Council Meeting Video Online

The June 13, 2011 meeting of the Spring Lake Heights Borough Council is now online on the heightsonline YouTube channel. The discussion about giving some Borough workers a paid lunch hour appears approximately 35 minutes into the video. You may view it here:


Mayor Frances Enright voted this evening to break a tie in favor of granting certain Borough employees a paid lunch hour.

The issue came up early in the evening, when Republican Councilwoman Sara King requested an amendment to the 2011 Salary & Wage Ordinance. Audience members did not have a copy of the clause, which was referred to only as “Number Nine.” A motion by Councilwoman King to gain support of Number Nine died for lack of a second.

Then at the end of the meeting, as the Mayor was about to request a motion for adjournemnt, Democratic Councilman Thomas Vorbach questioned the earlier vote and made a motion to reconsider. Councilwoman King seconded his motion. During the discussion that ensued, Councilwoman Patricia Cindea, who did not favor the move, read aloud the clause to the audience.

The clause states that Borough employees would work a 40 hour work week with no paid lunch break. It is the same clause included in last year’ Department of Public Works contract.

Currently, the Borough has a law on the books that states all employees must work a 40-hour work week, except for part-time employees. Last year, it was determined that workers for the Borough worked anywhere between 32 and 1/2 and 37 hours a week, although their salaries, Social Security, Workmen’s Comp, unemployment, and all benefits related to salary are calculated on a 40-hour week.

Councilwoman King explained that the women who work in the Borough’s offices have not had a raise in over 3 years and she felt they were deserving of a paid lunch break. Council President Gavino “Butch” Maccanico countered by saying that people had complained they wanted to see the Borough run more like a business. He commented that he did not think you would see many business owners in the current economic climate giving their workers paid lunch hours.

After some discussion, Councilman Vorbach asked to call the question, a parliamentarian tactic to end a discussion. In voting on whether or not to grant the workers the paid lunch break, Councilwoman King and Councilman Vorbach voted yes in favor of paid lunches. Councilwoman Cindea and Councilman Maccanico voted no. With a 2-2 tie, Mayor Enright was called upon to break the tie and she, too, voted in favor of paid lunches.

Video of the June 13 Council meeting will be available later tomorrow on our channel at: