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BREAKING NEWS: SHULER BY ONE VOTE! Republicans Sweep November Election in Belated Recount.

Jim Shuler won his third bid for a Council seat, defeating Democratic newcomer Hugh Meehan by one vote in a recount by the Monmouth County Board of Elections. The one-vote win gives the Republicans a sweep of the 2011 election, with Councilman Gavino “Butch” Maccanico victorious in the mayor’s race, and Councilwoman Patricia Cindea returning for a second term on Council.

Shuler and Meehan tied in the Council seat votes in the November election. Meehan announced in a news story that the Democrats would be seeking a recount. It was later learned that the Democrats never filed for the recount, so the Spring Lake Heights Republican Committee filed on November 23, the last day such an action could be taken.

In a Coast Star interview, out-going Mayor H. Frances Enright and Chairperson of the Spring Lake Heights Democrats, said that the Democrats did not know what a recount would cost but that the SLH Dems were not paying for it. Instead, the Dems elected to let the issue go to a special election.

Through this action, the SLH Democrats directly transferred the cost of a special election to the taxpayers. The recount cost the enormous sum of $125; a special election is estimated to cost upwards of $10,000 to $15,000. The Republicans stepped in to foot the cost of the recount, feeling it was fair to try and prevent the taxpayers from being saddled with the cost.

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