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Maccanico Sworn in as Mayor; McLean Named to Fill Vacant Council Seat

Long-time SLH resident and Councilman Gavino “Butch” Maccanico was sworn in as Mayor of Spring Lake Heights today. Former Councilman Gary McLean was appointed to fill the remainder of Maccanico’s term, which ends December 31, 2012.

As per law, when a sitting Council person is elected to another office, the members of the local political party committee submit the names of three candidates to fill the remaining term. Councilwoman Sara King, speaking as the Chairperson of the Spring Lake Heights Republicans, submitted the three names: James Hackett, Gary McLean, and Raymond Miller.

Councilwoman Patricia Cindea made the motion to nominate McLean and Councilman Richard Diver seconded the motion. Voting to appoint McLean was unanimous.

Mayor Maccanico and Councilmen McLean, along with November election winners Councilwoman Cindea and James Shuler, were all sworn in and took their seats on the dais.

Councilman Thomas Vorbach remains the lone Democrat on Council.

In other business, the law firm of Ansell, Zaro, and Grimm was appointed to provide the service of Borough attorney and Frederick C. Raffetto will fill that post. Raffetto had previously been Borough attorney but chose not to seek re-appointment in 2011.

Heightsonline will be bringing you the video of the January 1 reorganization meeting in its entirety.