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Millers, Loyal Republican Supporters, Up for Re-Election in 3rd District

The local Republican Committee launched a campaign in the Third Voting District to support their long-time members, Ray and Maureen Miller. The Millers seats are being contested by newcomers Katherine Kelsey and local gadfly John Lewis.

The Millers have been members of the Republican Committee for over 15 years, and were active in the campaign for Bret Schundler for Governor. Mr. Miller served as an elected member to the SLH Board of Fire Commissioners for 9 years.

Mr. Miller has been active in the community most of his life. He has been a resident of Spring Lake Heights since the age of 5, when his father moved the family here following World War II. He is a graduate of SLH Elementary School and Manasquan High School.  He learned the construction business from his grandfather, who was a contractor and builder in the area. Upon his grandfather’s death in 1969, Mr. Miller took over the business and ran it until his retirement in 2006.

Mr. Miller is also a member of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church and has served on the Pastor Parish Committee and the Board of Trustees. Mr. Miller volunteers his time and expertise to oversee any construction projects taken on by the Church. 

The Millers are running for re-election in the Third District to continue their long-standing commitment to the local community. Voters should look to the bottom of Column Five on the ballot to vote for Ray and Maureen Miller.