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Politicians Say the Darnedest Things

Politicians say the darnedest things. Some even forget they are elected officials who have sworn an Oath of Allegiance. Some apparently even forget what party they are with.

Take local gadfly John Lewis. In the clip below, Lewis seems to attempt to trigger an argument about a recent contract agreement with the Borough’s public works superintendent. Throughout Lewis’s tirade, Councilwoman Patricia Cindea seems to goad Mayor Maccanicco with her fulminations in support of Lewis.

Finally, Lewis expounds: “It seemed like it worked much better when it was half and half, Democrats and Republicans. You couldn’t fight fast enough to see who was going to save money. Now when its been taken over by one party, its just run it right through the door and lets run it up the flagpole and lets see who salutes.”

As Lewis says his goodbyes to the Council, Councilwoman Cindea pipes up against her colleagues: “Lies and smoke and mirrors.”

Now, a couple of things here. One, both Cindea and Lewis are elected representatives of the Republican Party County Committee. Lewis is the 3rd District Committee man and Cindea is the Chairperson. Additionally, Lewis serves as the local Committee’s Vice-Chair (or co-chair, depending on whether you hear it from Lewis himself or not).

Elected Republicans dissing their own party? Complaining that the Council majority of Republicans is a bad thing?

Do these two never tire of rubbing dirt on their faces? They represent the leadership of a Committee that lost all the loyal, long-term Republicans in favor of largely “Tea Party” style candidates. Their biggest complaint with the Mayor and Council seem to be that the Mayor and Council are not “Tea Party” enough for their liking.

When the leaders of a political party refer to the policies of their colleagues as “lies and smoke and mirrors,” they are not exhibiting leadership. They are not exhibiting unity. They are exhibiting bullying, dictatorial behavior aimed at trying to inhibit the democratic process. They are proving themselves devoid of leadership ability as well as a complete lack of respect for the political party to which they have sworn an Oath of Allegiance.

You can watch the full January 14 SLH Borough Council meeting on the heightsonline YouTube Channel at:

Rezoning Discussion to Continue

The possible rezoning along Route 71 will continue at the Monday, January 28 SLH Borough Council meeting, 8:00 PM at the Borough Hall. At the January 14 meeting, it was determined that a committee would be formed and members of the community would have input into the proposed ordinance. It was suggested that a Town Hall-style meeting would be held to determine the residents’ concerns. However, the ordinance is currently slated again for discussion and possible introduction at the upcoming Monday night meeting.

Any residents interested in providing comment should attend the Jan. 28 meeting and be prepared to speak during the First Voice of the Public session.

Council Discusses Possible Rezoning to Accomodate Route 71 Commercial Development

Just prior to the close of 2012, the Spring Lake Heights Borough Council discussed a possible zoning change that would affect 12 properties along Route 71. The parcels in question are all in Block 46.01 and include Lots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.01, 9, 10, 65, 66, and 67. All lots are located on the western side of Route 71; they begin with the current Central Jersey Bank Building on lot 65 and extend north to lots 9 and 10, currently the site of St. Stephan’s Green Publick House.

You may view the discussion on the heightsonline YouTube channel; the full Council meeting video is available there or you may watch just the rezoning discussion by clicking below:

The basis of the discussion was a “confidential memo” submitted on June 20, 2012 by Borough Engineer Joseph May on behalf of East Point Engineering. You may access a copy of that document, received through an Open Public Records Request, here: 2012_Engineering_Evaluation

Although Mr. May’s memo recommends that the area be considered for re-zoning “to possibly accomodate an entirely commerical use, a strictly residential use, or a mixed-use,” the Council discussed only an entirely commercial use through the creation of a new B-3 zone. May’s report went on to suggest “… that the Council review these alternative uses and provide comment.”

The only comment provided was that of Councilwoman Patricia Cindea. A resident of the 2nd District, Councilwoman Cindea asked about a public hearing for the proposed rezoning ordinance. The Borough Attorney confirmed that since the proposed rezoning was not covered by the Borough’s Master Plan, that all residents within 200 feet would need to be notified of a public hearing.

“I was not against the Town Center to begin with,” Councilwoman Cindea commented, “I’m all for making the town look better and this area can definitely use some help.”

“I just want to make sure that residents of Wyckham Manor are notified and that we hear their complaints,” the Councilwoman continued, “I mean, its not going to change my vote — I would like to have that area developed.”

Residents wishing to speak for or against the proposed rezoning may do so at the next Council meeting, Monday, January 14 at 8:00 PM in the Borough Hall, 555 Brighton Avenue.