Monthly Archives: October 2014

Heightsonline Endorses Campion, Shuler

Heightsonline has reviewed all the campaign literature and talking points for the upcoming Nov. 4 election and can say that we, the editors, wholeheartedly support the Republican candidates of Chris Campion and Jim Shuler.

During the past several weeks, these candidates have run an extremely clean campaign and this stands as a reflection of their leadership ability. This integrity is sorely needed in a municipal government too often subjected to petty quarrelling, political footballing, fingerpointing, and bluster. Campion and Shuler have shown themselves to be personally of the highest quality.

Campion and Shuler both have a wealth of information about the community and how things work. For example, when a resident at a council meeting recently asked about the noise of the fire sirens, Campion stepped into the hall and worked the phones, lining up a proposed solution before the meeting ended. That shows quick thinking and good response. In contrast, the opponents seem to be sadly out of touch, with one candidate proposing to videotape the Council meetings and put them online, even though Heightsonline already provides this on YouTube as a free community service. The community needs leaders who think and move forward, who know what is already available and what is needed, not rehash what already is being done.

Jim Shuler has already proven his ability on the governing body. There has not been a municipal tax increase in any of the three years he has been on Council. He has been prudent with the taxpayer’s money, spending only when necessary to maintain vital services and upgrade equipment that has been sadly lacking in previous administrations. As utilities chairman, he oversaw the closing of an old, leaking well which was costing the Borough money as well as creating an environmental hazard; this closing had been ignored by the previous utilities chair. As the buildings and grounds chairman, he has worked tirelessly to improve the Borough’s parks, overseeing at both Allaire Road Park and Ocean Road Park some much-needed upgrades such as new tennis courts, new basketball courts, and fully renovated bathrooms. This work was all done with grants and without expending any new tax dollars.

Chris Campion, who served for years on the Borough’s volunteer fire company, is a lifelong resident of the area and knows what the issues are. He is enthusiastic about going forward to plan for the future and find ways to reduce or hold level municipal taxes. He is anxious to take advantage of state and federal surplus programs, as well as pursuing environmentally-friendly solar energy systems for the Borough. Campion believes that we, the community, can all work together to make a difference and keep Spring Lake Heights the best place to live.

The combined team of Campion and Shuler is smart leadership – they bring wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm to our community. They represent the sort of leadership this Borough needs.