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BREAKING NEWS: Merriken Declared Winner in Vote Recount

Republican candidate Robert Merriken was today declared the winner in a recount of the 2015 election for Borough Council. Democratic newcomer Nathaniel “Nate” Novak filed for a recount when the tally of voting machines, mail-in ballots, and provisional ballots showed him with 638 votes against Merriken’s 639.

In the recount, Merriken picked up another vote to finish the voting tally at 640. Incumbent Sara King also picked up 2 additional votes.

The final voting tally was:

Sara King ( R ) – 680
Robert Merriken ( R ) – 640

Nathaniel “Nate” Novak ( D ) – 638
Arthur Herner ( D ) – 628

The count in the Mayor’s race did not change and remains Thomas O’Brien ( D ) – 674 vs. Chris Campion ( R ) – 642.

Borough Receives FEMA Grant to Renovate Sewer Stations

At the November 9, 2015 SLH Borough Council meeting, Councilman Chris Campion, the Utilities chairman, reported that the Borough received a $585,000 FEMA grant for the renovation of the two sewage pumping stations. The grant will provide that new generators be installed in both facilities.

Due to the close proximity to the waterways, renovation is critical to both stations. The stations, located at Shore Road and the Railroad near Wreck Pond and on Sixth Avenue and North Lake Drive near Black Creek, are archaic and in need of updating and repair. The Sixth Avenue station failed during Hurricane Sandy and required emergency power to keep working. The stations lift sewerage from the Borough’s system and pumps it for processing to the South Monmouth Regional Sewage Authority in Wall Township. Should either station fail, the raw sewage could back up and spill into the waterways and then into the ocean.

Total cost for renovations is approximately $650,000 but the grant will offset the majority of costs.

Campion also reported that the fire company was the recipient of 70 air pack face masks from a government surplus program; the masks represent a tax savings of $17,000.


The Monmouth County Board of Elections tabulated provisional ballots today and recently updated their website with the results. In Spring Lake Heights, Republican Robert Merriken is shown as winning with a 1-vote lead over Democratic newcomer Nate Novak, 639 votes to 638 votes. Republican incumbent Sara King remains the top vote getter with 678. Democrat Art Herner finished with 628.

2015 council votes

You can check the results for SLH and surrounding towns at the Board’s website: Monmouth County Board of Elections 2015 Results

Need to Find Council Meeting Information?

Meeting information for the SLH Borough Council meetings can be found on the Borough’s Web site at:

Using the left-hand navigation links on the home page, look for Mayor & Borough Council. When you mouse over this button, a menu appears with your choices. Click Current Meeting Agenda to find out what the Council will discuss at their upcoming meeting, or click Meeting Minutes to peruse minutes of past meetings.

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