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Tax Board Will Allow Towns to Opt Out of Assessment Program

The Monmouth County Tax Board voted at their November 30 meeting to allow municipalities to opt out of the County’s new Assessment Demonstration Program. The program, which has sent property taxes soaring across the county, has been the subject of an ongoing series of articles in the Asbury Park Press. Due at least in part to the Press’s investigation, the program is now subject to a grand jury probe.

Municipalities may request an opt-out up until 11:59 PM April 29. Those that opt-out of the pilot program will return to the former program of town-wide reassessments occurring every few years as determined by the tax board. Under the new program, 20% of a town is examined every year but the valuations for the entire town can change based on that 20%.

The opt-out would apply to the 2017 tax year, meaning residents will endure another round of revaluations in 2016. Assessment postcards recently were mailed and residents are reporting increases of property values upwards of $40-$50,000. This increased value will translate into additional taxes.

The deadline to file a tax appeal for the 2015 assessment is January 15. Property owners wishing to appeal may obtain the forms they need from the Borough’s tax office or may file online via the NJ Tax Court’s website.

Residents supporting the Borough’s opting-out of the Assessment Demonstration Program should contact their Borough Council members or attend the December 14 Council meeting and speak out.

Property tax records are public documents and are available online via the Monmouth County Tax Board’s website at: . Enter the requested Search criteria and click “Submit Search.”