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Council Votes for Herner to Fill Vacancy

At the Monday, January 25, SLH Borough Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously for Arthur Herner to fill the remainder of Tom O’Brien’s council term. O’Brien was elected Mayor in November, creating a vacancy on the Council as of January 1. Herner, who previously served on Council from 1984 through 1993, also served as the Borough’s Superintendent of Public Works for over 20 years. Herner was not in attendance, but will be sworn in prior to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Council, Residents Discuss County’s Tax Assessment Program

At the January 11, 2016, SLH Borough Council meeting, a lively discussion took place about the County’s pilot tax assessment program. Residents spoke out against the program during the Voice of the Public, and Council members for the most part agreed with their concerns. Councilman Thomas Vorbach said, “I don’t think anyone really likes this program.” Due to issues with the program, it is now under Grand Jury investigation. The Monmouth County Tax Board has given municipalities an April deadline to opt out of the program. At the end of the Jan. 11 discussion, Councilman Chris Campion asked, “Can we make this an agenda item for our next meeting on the 25th?”  Mayor Thomas O’Brien agreed, saying, “I think that’s a good request. Let’s get this taken care of.”

You can watch the discussion on our YouTube channel by clicking below:


O’Brien’s Move to Mayor Creates Council Vacancy

The installation of Spring Lake Heights’ new mayor, Thomas O’Brien, creates a vacant seat on the Borough’s 6-member Council. O’Brien, who had one year left to serve of a three-year term, was required to resign his council seat prior to being sworn in as mayor. The law provides that when this happens, the local political party committee representing the vacated seat is required to submit 3 names of candidates willing to fill the vacancy; the Borough Council members then vote to select one to fill the remainder of the unexpired term.

The Spring Lake Heights Democrats submitted three names: two, the candidates narrowly defeated in the November 2015 primary, Art Herner and Nate Novak. These two are joined by Sandy Moore Denison.

Sandy Moore Denison, of Homestead Avenue, is a long-time resident of Spring Lake Heights. She served for many years on the SLH PTA, including 3 years as president, and currently is involved with the Manasquan High School PTO. She unsuccessfully ran for SLH School Board in 2010. She is very active in fundraising and spent considerable time on the local Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Art Herner, 61, of Central Avenue, has been a resident of Spring Lake Heights for 60 years. He is retired from his position as the Borough’s Superintendent of Public Works. Herner’s service to the community includes 10 years on the Borough Council, as well as positions on the Borough’s Planning Board and Environmental Commission. In his recent run for Council, Herner expressed his interest in returning to the post saying that the Council’s role is to “provide the highest level of service to the people of Spring Lake Heights for the least possible cost.”

Nathanial “Nate” Novak, 30, of Keith Avenue, is a lifelong resident of Spring Lake Heights. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Drew University, Madison, NJ and works as a sales manager for a Wall Township-based company. Novak serves as an usher for St. Catherine’s Church and is a member of the SLH Little League Board.

The Council has 30 days to fill the vacancy.