In June 2013, residents presented the governing body with a petition requesting the restoration of Allaire Road Park to its original state by preserving the remaining trees, replanting new trees and greenery in the Grove, and making the walking and biking paths safe.

The petition noted that in light of a discussion at the May 13th Council meeting to expand the athletic fields at Allaire Road Park, residents felt that the grounds of the elementary school would be a more suitable location for such a facility.

A Parks Committee made up of town representatives and residents was created to meet and discuss the issue. All findings were presented at a June 2, 2014 special meeting of the Borough Council. Residents were largely against expanded use, mainly due to increased traffic, noise, lighting, and the cost to the taxpayer.

Following this, the Borough Council entered into negotiations with the SLH Board of Education and ultimately struck an agreement to shift $100,000 out of the Borough’s Open Space Tax Fund over to the school to renovate the playing fields. In exchange for the $100,000, the Borough’s Recreation Program would have use of the renovated fields.

That work at the school has been completed and paid for. New trees are being planted around the Grove area. However, some parents are again coming before the Council and proposing expanded athletic use of Allaire Road Park.

Even though this issue had been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, it is being raised again. Residents wishing to speak for or against this matter are invited to attend the next meeting of the SLH Borough Council:

Monday, June 13
8:00 PM
Spring Lake Heights Borough Hall
555 Brighton Avenue

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