Spring Lake Tap House Seeks Expansion Approval from Zoning Board

In a follow-up to last month’s Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, the Spring Lake Tap House will again seek approval for expanding its use to include outdoor dining (see “Tap House Application Carried to June 30th BOA Meeting” on http://www.heightsonline.wordpress.com). The application was tabled as it was missing a stormwater management plan. Also, Board members expressed an interest in seeing a revised plan with less than the proposed 84% lot coverage to host an additional 64 seats.

Revised plans include an inground drywell and a reduction in outdoor seating to 44 seats and an 82% lot coverage.

In the May meeting, Tap House representatives argued that the outdoor dining area would be a great benefit to residents because it currently is a much sought-after accommodation. They felt there would be no impact on parking, as they indicated that no one drives anymore, but uses Uber, taxis, or bicycles. Mercer Avenue residents at that meeting complained, however, about the current difficulty in parking with bar patrons taking up both sides of the street. Late-night noise and litter were also cited as problems.

As with all municipal meetings, the Zoning Board of Adjustment is subject to the NJ State Open Public Meetings Act and all residents are encouraged to attend and speak. The meeting will be held Thursday, June 30,7:30 PM,Spring Lake Heights Borough Hall,555 Brighton Avenue.

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