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SLH Council Adopts Resolution Setting 2016 Salaries

Following the July 11 passage of the Salary & Wage Ordinance, the Council voted unanimously on September 12 to set the 2016 salaries.

The Borough’s top three positions saw the largest salary increases:

  • Public Works Director: $90,000, up $4,500 over last year’s $86,500
  • Police Chief: $150,858, up $2,958 over last year’s $147,900
  • Borough Administrator: $113,715, up $2,329 over last year’s $111,486

At the other end of the spectrum, the Borough’s lowest paid workers remained in that category with little to no increases.

  • Part-time Public Works Laborer: $15.50 per hour, unchanged from last year
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary: $2,550 annually, unchanged from last year
  • Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics: $500 annually, unchanged from last year
  • Recreation Director: $5,712 annually, unchanged from last year

Not cited in the Resolution, but named in the 2016 Salary and Wage Ordinance are the school crossing guards, who received a .25 cent per hour raise to $13.75, over last year’s rate of $13.50

Other items of interest:

Tax Assessor: $25,563 over last year’s rate of $20,160. The assessor has office hours of one hour per week. The assessor is a tenured position. Additionally, as this position falls in the category of a statutory employee, the position is guaranteed a raise matching the highest percentage given to any other employee in a year.

Tax Assessment Field Assistant: $6,636, up from $6,506 in 2015.

Borough Engineer: $135.00 per hour. This is a new budget line over 2016. Previously, this service was a professional appointment to a firm that would bid the work. With the hiring of former engineer Joe May as the Borough’s Director of Public Works, he was given the dual role as a salaried Borough Engineer.

Salaries were not given for either the Public Works employees or the police, both of whom are under contract to the Borough. However, in 2015, the public works employees’ salaries ranged from $38,000 a year for a full-time employee with 1 year of experience up to $88,255 for a full-time employee with 30 years of experience. Public works employees hired after 2009 do not receive any longevity awards.

The 2015 police salaries ranged from $105,756 for a 5-year employee, up to $118,558 for a 20-year employee. Police hired after 2014 do not receive any longevity awards.

Longevity was a program implemented by the Borough over 20 years ago when it was difficult to attract and retain talent. In both DPW and the Police Dept., workers receive a 3% award for 5 years of service, a 6% award for 10 years of service, and a 9% award for 15 years of service. This award has now been negotiated out of the contracts, but employees hired while the award was in force are grandfathered to receive it.

Read the full text of the 2016 Salary & Wage Ordinance and Resolution using the links below: