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Council Discusses If Dog Walking Should be Allowed on Borough Property

At the April 24 SLH Borough Council meeting, Council members discussed whether or not to amend the dog ordinance to allow dogs to be walked in Borough parks. Currently, dogs are not allowed anywhere on Borough property. Also, there is a leash law and a “pick up after your pet” ordinance. If you could not attend the meeting, here is a video clip of the discussion:

Council Discusses Whether to Allow Dog Walking on Borough Property

Are you a dog owner? Do you want to be able to legally walk your dog on Borough property? The SLH Borough Council is discussing whether to allow dogs to be walked in the parks. Councilman Rich Diver argues that it is a health hazard because people don’t pick up after their dogs and there is no way to pick up urine.

Councilman James Shuler says there are already places to walk dogs, namely the streets and curbs. He agreed that no one picks up after their pets, although there is an ordinance requiring this. Mr. Shuler went on to say that children and dogs do not mix and dogs should not be allowed where children are playing.

Councilwoman Sara King said she has grandchildren who are petrified of dogs and that it is not a good thing to mix the two — dogs and parks — “I love animals but I would never think of walking an animal in a park where children are enjoying themselves.” She said it is a difficult thing to monitor if someone now is walking their dog in a park but that the police need to be notified when someone is dog-walking so it can be dealt with. She felt it was too much of a danger to have dogs in the parks when children are present.

Mayor O’Brien said it sounded like it was not the will of the Council to allow dogs on Borough property, so he suggested having areas like along Wreck Pond at Shore Road. Mr. Diver said if there was a park area not used for sports or where children played, he was not adverse to designating it as a dog walking area. Mayor O’Brien said he would put together some suggestions of where dogs could be allowed and the Council members agreed to consider it.