Municipal Salary & Wage Information

Taxpayers may not realize it, but the salaries, wages, and benefits of their municipal workers generally account for the highest budget lines. Salaries, as with all municipal payments, must be codified into law, in order to be paid out. Information on payments to individuals employed by the Borough is available to the public via an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.

In order to keep taxpayers informed, here is some ongoing salary information. Please note, depending on your computer’s settings, the .pdf files linked below may open in a separate window OR go to your computer’s download list, so don’t forget to check your Downloads in the upper right hand corner of your browser!

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The 2015 Salary and Wage Ordinance


The 2016 Salary and Wage Ordinance

2015 through 2017 DPW Contract, including some individual salaries.

Total of individual police salaries for 2016, including off-duty employment. This employment includes special traffic details or any activities that require special police presence:

2016 police salaries


The 2017 Salary and Wage Ordinance









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