New Jersey Civil Court Case Index Online

Quite some time ago, heightsonline published a post linking users to a new New Jersey Judiciary civil case index on-line. Judging from the number of internet searches that hit this post, it has proved to be very popular. Therefore, as a public service. heightsonline introduces a separate page for this information. User may bookmark the page for quicker use.

Here is the text of the original post in its entirety:

The New Jersey Judiciary placed their computerized civil case index on-line. This does away with the need for an individual to access these records only at a county courthouse.

The system is accessed directly at: The Judiciary’s main site is at . From this link, look under Online Resources in the left-hand navigation links and click Civil Case Public Access. The site will direct you to turn off any pop-up blockers.

Users may search for high-level civil case information and cannot view actual documents online. However, as the records are public, the case’s docket number may be used to view documenation or acquire copies of the case from the county courthouse where the case was heard. In the case where a municipality is involved, an OPRA request may be submitted to the town seeking the civil complaint filed in the matter.

After logging in to the search screen, enter the last name in the field provided. If you are looking for cases involving municipalities, you must know the form of goverment of the municipality. Type in City of [City Name] or Borough of [Borough Name] and then click Party Inquiry. The system returns a list of all non-archived court cases with either the name of the individual or the municipality you are searching for.

The docket number field may contain an alphabetic code: LT stands for Landlord Tenant cases, DC for Special Civil Part (cases where less than $15,000 in damages were claimed), SC is small claims, C is chancery, and F is foreclosure.

The Date Disposed field shows the date the case terminated.

Because the lawsuit titles are entered exactly as the suit’s filing, finding a municipality may require multiple searchs. The Borough of Belmar, for example, may alternatively entered as Belmar Boro or Boro of Belmar.

Additionally, only NJ State Court filings are included, not federal court. Federal court filings may be found via free services like: or through an account with:

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